Magic UV

Blender add-on: Magic UV (a.k.a. Copy/Paste UV for older version)

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Blender Add-on: Magic UV

This is a blender add-on “Magic UV”. (a.k.a. Copy/Paste UV for older version)
“Magic UV” consists of many UV manipulation features which Blender lacks of.

“Magic UV” is in Release support level. (Contrib support level in Blender version <2.79)
So, stable version is included on Blender. Of course, you can also download older version.

If you want to try newest but unstable version, you can download it from unstable version.

Release URL

Version Download URL
unstable Download
5.0 Download
4.5 Download
4.4 Download
4.3 Download
4.2 Download
4.1 Download
4.0 Download
3.2 Download
3.1 Download
3.0 Download
2.2 Download
2.1 Download
2.0 Download
1.1 Download
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Support languages

English only.


“Magic UV” have features as follows.


See Wiki Pages .

You can discuss “Magic UV” at other places. See the link below for further details.

Change Log

|Version|Release Date|Change Log| |—|—|—| |5.0|2018.2.16|[1] Add feature
- Align UV Cursor
- UV Cursor Location
- Align UV
- Smooth UV
- UV Inspection
- Select UV
- Texture Wrap
- UV Sculpt

[2] Improve feature
(1) Copy/Paste UV
- Add menu to UV/Image Editor
(2) World Scale UV
- Add: Information about Texel Density
(3) UV Bounding Box
- Add option: Bound
(4) Texture Projection
- Add option: Assign UVMap
(5) UVW
- Add option: Assign UVMap

[3] Improve UI

[4] Fixed bugs

[5] Optimization/Refactoring| |4.5|2017.11.19|[1] Add feature

[2] Improve feature
(1) Preserve UV Aspect
- Add option: Aspect Origin

[3] Fixed bugs

[4] Merge change set of Blender’s official repository| |4.4|2017.8.2|[1] Improve feature
(1) Copy/Paste UV
- Add option: Copy Seams
(2) Transfer UV
- Add option: Copy Seams
(3) Flip/Rotate UV
- Add option: Seams

[2] Fixed bugs

[3] Merge change set of Blender’s official repository| |4.3|2017.4.1|Update for Blender 2.79 release

[1] Optimization/Refactoring| |4.2|2017.3.4|[1] Add feature
- Preserve UV Aspect

[2] Improve feature
(1) Texture Projection
- Add preferences for rendering textures

[3] Improve UI

[4] Optimization/Refactoring

[5] Fixed bug| |4.1|2016.11.13|[1] Add feature
- Texture Lock
- Mirror UV
- World Scale UV
- Unwrap Constraint

[2] Improve feature
(1) Pack UV (Extension)
- Add options: Allowable Center Deviation, Allowable Size Deviation
(2) Copy/Paste UV
- Add: Copy/Paste UV among same objects

[3] Fixed bug| |4.0|2016.5.14|[1] Rename this add-on

[2] Add feature
- UV Bounding Box
- Move UV
- Texture Projection
- Pack UV (Extension)

[3] Improve feature
(1) Copy/Paste UV
- Add: N to M copy/paste UV
- Add: Copy/Paste UV by selection sequence between specified UV maps

[4] Optimization/Refactoring

[5] Fixed bugs| |3.2|2015.6.20|[1] Improve feature
(1) Transfer UV
- Add: Copy/Paste to multiple meshes
- Add: Partially copy/paste UV| |3.1|2015.6.17|[1] Improve feature
(1) Transfer UV
- Improve algorithm| |3.0|2015.6.15|[1] Add feature
- Flip/Rotate UV
- Transfer UV

[2] Optimization/Refactoring

[3] Fixed bugs| |2.2|2015.4.11|[1] Fixed bug

[2] Refactoring| |2.1|2015.1.23|[1]Fixed bug for Blender 2.73| |2.0|2014.12.31|[1] Improve feature
(1) Copy/Paste UV
- Add: Copy/Paste UV Coordinates (by selection sequence)
- Add: Copy/Paste UV Coordinates (between UVMaps)

[2] Optimization| |1.1|2014.8.31|[1] Optimization| |1.0|2014.8.18|First release|

Bug report / Feature request

If you want to report problem or request feature, please make issues.


If you want to contribute this project, please send pull request to develop branch. DO NOT send pull request to master branch.